As well as restaurants and bars in the town, many of the accommodations in the area also serve a wide variety of meals - ranging from traditional Japanese set meals to Western style cuisine.

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Daiichi Hutte
Mountain lodge and restaurant
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025-783-2759 Website

Hiiragi Restaurant
A ski-in ski-out restaurant with Western-style catering.
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Resthouse Schupule
Restaurant high up on the mountain with magnificent views.
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Below are some of the general types of restaurants to be found in Japanese towns.  Restaurants that can be found within ski resorts often serve a variety of dishes and do not specialise in just one main menu.

Izakaya are Japanese bars that offer a variety of small dishes, such as grilled food, salads and snacks and they are one of the most popular restaurant types. They tend to be ishiuchirmal with the people at one table usually sharing all dishes, rather than ordering and eating individually. Look for the red “Izakaya” lantern outside!

Family Restaurant and Shokudo:
“Famiresu” or shokudo offer a variety of Western, Chinese and Japanese style dishes that are suitable for all family members.

Teishoku-ya are restaurants that offer set menus (known as teishoku). A set menu usually consists of a main dish such as a fried fish, a bowl of cooked rice and some side dishes.


In the town you will often find specialist restaurants.  Some examples of popular types of restaurants are listed below.

Specialising in ramen noodles.
Ramen-ya specialize in ramen dishes - Chinese style noodles served in a soup with various toppings.  Every ramen-ya has developed its own soup, and the taste often differs greatly. Several other dishes of Chinese origin, such as gyoza and chahan fried rice are also usually available at a ramen-ya.

Specialising in sushi.
Customers can sit either at a normal table or at a counter. Kaiten-zushi are sushi restaurants where the sushi dishes are presented on a conveyor belt - you can freely pick up the dishes that you like or alternatively order dishes which are not available.  The number of plates is counted to determine the cost.

Specialising in soba and udon noodles.
Most noodle dishes come either cooled with a dipping sauce or (especially in winter) hot in a soup with a variety of toppings.

Tonkatsu-ya serve tonkatsu, deep fried breaded pork cutlets.  Other deep fried dishes are also available at many tonkatsu-ya.

Yakitori-ya specialize in yakitori, grilled chicken skewers.


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